What is WordWar

  • Fight for Peace using Words, your most powerful Weapons.
  • It’s Fun.
  • It’s Free.
  • Start a Word War about anything that’s bugging you.
  • Others respond with Battles and Skirmishes.
  • Good posts earn Rank Points when they get .
  • Bad posts lose Rank Points when they get “thumbs down”.
  • There’s never before been anything remotely like this.
  • Warriors start as Recruits but earn Rank all the way to General.
  • Your identity is never shared. Use Private Messages to communicate with other Warriors.
  • Set Watches on Wars, Battles, or Skirmishes to receive alerts.
  • Rise in Rank by posting Positive Input. Vote on other Warrior’s posts.
  • Rise in Rank until this old World recognizes you and your ideas.
  • Advertisers: Reach millions for mere pennies.
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